Emily Rollins, Executive Director, is a native of the Tioga/Nicetown area. In the 1960’s, she witnessed corporations, small businesses, and educational services leave her neighborhood. These essential services were replaced by violence, drugs, and crime. Emily started Bridgeway Inc. out of her home on 1722West Ontario Street. For the past 35 years. Bridgeway has served over 5,000 people a year from that very doorstep. Bridgeway provides food, transitional housing, educational & cultural programs to this underserved community. The people of this community come to Bridgeway for help, at 82 years old, Emily still answers the door and answers the call to serve her community.

Yvonne Hughes, Deputy Director, is an ordained minister and President of SCOPE Education Services.

           Staff: Clayton 'Wakeel' Morrison, V. President

                      Alicia R. Lopez,  Adm. Secretary

                      Walter Lucas, Office Mgr.

A large group of dedicated volunteers makes it possible for Emily and Yvonne to operate Bridgeway day-to-day by giving an average of 15 hours of their time each week.  If you are interested in volunteering at Bridgeway, please Contact Us.


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